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Ralph Wiggum Smiles Rolls Down Hill

Ralph Wiggum Smiles and Rolls Down Hill

Bill Murray So I Got That Going For Me Cady Shack

Carl Spackler Saying “So I Got That Going For Me…”

Nori Aoki Sliding Catch Fail

Nori Aoki Misses Catch and Gets Hit

Jennifer Lawrence Excited Puts Hands Up SIlver Linings Playbook

Jennifer Lawrence Puts Hands in Air After Win

Kid Wakes Up Scared Then Cries

Kid Wakes Up Scared and Then Cries

Kramer You Just Blew My Mind Seinfeld

Kramer Saying “You Just Blew My Mind” (Seinfeld)

Brock Lesnar Wink

Brock Lesnar Wink

Woman Falls Down Hill on Face

Woman Falls Running Downhill

Kid Hugs Chicken

Kid Hugs Chicken

Chang Ill Allow It Community

Ben Chang Saying “I’ll Allow It” (Community)

Pull-Up Fail in Kitchen

Pull-Up Attempt Fail

Confused Jim Jefferies

Confused Jim Jefferies

Billy Madison Yelling You Blew It

Billy Madison Yelling “You Blew It!”

Dirtbike Across Pool

Dirt Bike Goes Across Pool

Musical Chairs Fail Fall

Musical Chairs Fail

Fry Im Shocked Futurama

Fry Saying “I’m Shocked…” (Futurama)

Michael Jordan Shrug After 3 Pointer

Michael Jordan Shrugs After Three-Pointer

Anna Kendrick Smile

Anna Kendrick Smiling

Corgi Playing in the Snow

Dog Playing in the Snow

Jennifer Lawrence Makes Gross Face

Jennifer Lawrence Making a Disgusted Face

Dog Knocks Down Birthday Cupcake

Dog Knocks Down Cupcake

Hal Dancing Malcolm in the Middle

Hal Wilkerson Dancing on Roller Skates

Waterboy You Can Do It

Rob Schneider Yelling “You Can Do It” (The Waterboy)

Derek Jeter Stares at Ichiro Suzuki Then Laughs

Derek Jeter Stares at Ichiro Suzuki Then Laughs

Rachel Oh My God What Friends

Rachel Green Says “Oh My God, What?!” (Friends)

Skateboard Slip Hit in the Head

Skateboarder Hits Himself in the Head With Skateboard

Dog Stares Daniel Bryan Robbery Press Conference

Dog Stares at Camera During a Press Conference

Man Falls Trying to Push Dog

Man Falls Into Water Trying to Push Dog

Matt Foley Chris Farley SNL Dance

Matt Foley Pumping His Arms (SNL)

Ill Be Back Terminator

The Terminator Saying “I’ll Be Back”

Kid Hits Golf Ball Off Ankle

Kid Hits Golf Ball Off His Ankle

Shocked Doc Rivers

Shocked Doc Rivers

Woman Falls Ice Skating Backwards

Woman Falls Skating Backwards

John Cena Shock to Smile

John Cena Shock to Smile

Dog Steps in Front of Cat Fight

Dog Steps in Front of Cat Fight

Liz Lemon Life is Happening 30 Rock

Liz Lemon Saying “Life is Happening” (30 Rock)

Surprised Olivia Wilde

Surprised Olivia Wilde

Man Hits Himself Leg Rest Face

Man Hits Himself With Foot Rest

Mario Goetze Game Winning Goal vs Argentina 2014 World Cup Final

Mario Gotze Scores Goal in World Cup Final

Ice Cream Cone Grab

Woman Grabs Top of Ice Cream Cone at McDonald’s

Cat Rocking Baby to Sleep

Cat Rocks Baby to Sleep

Toddler Falls into Bucket

Toddler Falls Into Bucket

Elf Presses Buttons on Elevator

Buddy the Elf Presses Buttons on Elevator (Elf)

Kid Sleeping on Rolling Baggage

Kid Sleeping on Rolling Baggage

Cat Afraid of Banana Peel

Banana Peel Frightens Cat

Woman Tosses Water on News Reporter

Woman Tosses Bucket of Water on Reporter

Scott Pilgrim Saying Wow

Scott Pilgrim Saying “Wow”

Dog Playing With Reflection in Mirror

Dog Playing With Reflection in Mirror

Australia Tim Cahill Volley Goal World Cup

Tim Cahill Scores on Volley (2014 World Cup)

Woman Falls Down Stairs on Scooter

Woman Falls Down Stairs on Scooter

Lionel Messi Goal World Cup 2014 vs Bosnia Herzegovina

Messi Scores Against Bosnia & Herzegovina (WC 2014)

Baby and Cat watch tv together

Baby and Cat Watch TV Together

Great Dane Dog and Cat Fighting

Great Dane and Cat Play Together

Robin Van Persie Header Goal World Cup 2014

Robin Van Persie Diving Header Goal (WC 2014)

Soccer Player Hit in Neck Flop

Amateur Soccer Coach Pretends to Get Hit in Neck

Woman Kicks Ball at Childs Head

Woman Kicks Ball at Child’s Head by Accident

Dog Dancing for Food

Dog Dances Around to Get Food

Mila Kunis Shaking Head

Mila Kunis Shakes Head in Disapproval

Excited OKC Thunder Fan 2014 Playoffs

Excited Oklahoma City Thunder Fan

Ray Allen Fake Pass Hits Three 2014 Finals

Ray Allen Fakes Out Two Players Then Hits Three-Pointer

Baby Scared in Dark Car

Baby Gets Scared After Going Through Tunnel

James Franco Boom

James Franco Pointing and Saying “Boom”

Professor Farnsworth Hail Science Futurama

Professor Farnsworth Yelling “Hail Science” (Futurama)

Chicken Driving Car

Chicken Driving Car

Selena Gomez Dont Make Me Tell You Again

Selena Gomez Saying “Don’t Make Me Tell You Again”

LA Kings Alec Martinez Game 7 Winning Goal vs Blackhawks

Alec Martinez Series-Winning Goal in Overtime (NHL)

Dog Praying at a Table

Dog Prays At Table With Family

Yo Yo Trick Fail

Yo-Yo Trick Fail

Bottle Rocket Fail

Water Bottle Rocket Fail

Morpheus At Last The Matrix

Morpheus Saying “At Last”

Taylor Lautner Saying Oh Wow

Taylor Lautner Saying “Oh, Wow”

Husky Yawning

Husky Yawning

Backwards Buzzer Beater

Kid Makes Backwards Buzzer-Beater

Scarlett Johannsson Winking

Scarlett Johansson Winking

Cat Protects Skittles

Cat Blocks Bag of Skittles

Dog on Leash Pulling Luggage

Dog on Leash Pulling Luggage

Louis CK Saying Nope

Louis C.K. Saying “Nope!”

Man Hits Football Into Basketball Hoop With Golf Club

Man Hits Football Into Basketball Hoop With Golf Club

Barack Obama Confused Look

Barack Obama Confused Look

Kaley Cuoco Shrug and Smile

Penny (Kaley Cuoco) Shrugs and Smiles

Cat Playing With Toilet Paper

Cat Playing With Toilet Paper

Anna Kendrick Blows Kiss

Anna Kendrick Blows a Kiss

Front Flip Off of Fence Fail

Front Flip Off of Fence Fail

Hermes Conrad Eating Popcorn Futurama

Hermes Conrad Eating Popcorn

Dog Catches Socks in its Mouth

Dog Catches Socks in its Mouth

Baby Stands on Mans Hands

Baby Standing on Man’s Hand

Puppies Playing with Mother 7wk

Puppies Playing With Their Mother

Bike Front Flip Ramp

BMX Front Flip Off Ramp

Eating Popcorn Soda

Man Eating Out of Big Bag of Popcorn

Cat Baby Cuddling

Cat and Baby Cuddling


Dog Falls Trying to Run on a Treadmill


Dog Jumps on Man in Pool


Man Bowls a Strike Backwards


Woman Falls Off Seesaw Fail


Child Flips and Then Dances


Hamster Steals Chess Piece


Daniel Bryan Nodding and Saying “Yes”


Andre Iguodala Double Crossover on Quincy Miller

Cat Eating Food From Chopsticks

Cat Eats From Chopsticks

Elephant Falling Over Soccer Ball

Elephant Falls Over Soccer Ball