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Cat Baby Cuddling

Cat and Baby Cuddling


Dog Falls Trying to Run on a Treadmill


Dog Jumps on Man in Pool


Man Bowls a Strike Backwards


Woman Falls Off Seesaw Fail


Child Flips and Then Dances


Hamster Steals Chess Piece


Daniel Bryan Nodding and Saying “Yes”


Andre Iguodala Double Crossover on Quincy Miller

Cat Eating Food From Chopsticks

Cat Eats From Chopsticks

Elephant Falling Over Soccer Ball

Elephant Falls Over Soccer Ball

Ice Skate Flip Halfpipe

Ice Skate Flip

Dog Riding Turtle

Dog Riding Turtle

Angry Adam Demamp Saying No Workaholics

Angry Adam DeMamp Shakes Head (Workaholics)

Shocked Fan After Undertaker Loss to Brock Lesnar

Shocked WWE Fan Reacts to Undertaker Loss


Beyonce Saying “Sometimes You Lose”

Skip Bayless Looks at Camera Shakes Head

Skip Bayless Looks at Camera and Shakes Head

Dog Catches Cheerio on Head

Dog Catches Cheerio on Its Head

Eagle Hits Top of Bears Head

Eagle Hits Top of Bear’s Head

Charles Barkley Falling Asleep Inside the NBA

Charles Barkley Falling Asleep on TV

Derek Jeter Gives Ball to Fan Over Woman

Derek Jeter Gives Ball to Girl in Stands

Milhouse Playing Frisbee With Himself The Simpsons

Milhouse Playing Frisbee With Himself

Baby Rolls eyes falls asleep while being fed

Baby Falls Asleep While Being Fed

Modern Family Driving Instructor Smile Attempt

Driving Instructor Tries to Smile (Modern Family)

Cat Jumps Into Bathtub

Cat Falls Into Bathtub and Jumps Out

Cat Smells Sock Shocked Face

Cat Smells Sock

Pier Reach Fall Into Water

Girl Reaching For Pier Falls Into Water

Lakers Nick Young Turns Around Celebrates Too Early Shot

Nick Young Celebrates Before Shot Goes In

Stanley The Office Eyeroll

Stanley Hudson Rolls His Eyes (The Office)

Dog and Cat Licking Each Other

Dog and Cat Licking Each Other

Who Knows What Could Happen Django Unchained

“Who Knows What Could Happen” (Django Unchained)

Baby Elephant Playing With Girls Face

Baby Elephant Playing With Girl’s Face

Jon Stewart Yelling Unacceptable

Jon Stewart Saying “Unacceptable!”

Ralph Thanks Satan

Ralph Saying “Thanks, Satan” (Wreck-It Ralph)

Dog Waits to Eat Ice Cream

Dog Waits to Eat Ice Cream Cone

Pole Vault Fail Fall

Pole Vaulter Comes Up Short and Falls Backwards

Olaf Making Snow Angels Frozen

Olaf Making Snow Angels (Frozen)

Cat Looks Up With Butterfly on Paws

Cat Catches Butterfly and Stares

Liz Lemon Runs Out of Office Excited

Liz Lemon Runs Out of Office Excited (30 Rock)

Stanford Cowbell Player vs Kansas NCAA March Madness

Member of Stanford Band Playing Cowbell During Game

Bulldog Safely Sits in Chair

Dog Climbs Up Plastic Chair and Sits Down

Muhammad Ali Winks The Rumble in the Jungle

Muhammad Ali Winks in Corner During Boxing Match

World Order Dances Down Escalator Have a Nice Day

World Order Dancing Down Escalator (Have a Nice Day)

Cat Punctures Can Scared Fail

Cat Punctures Soda Can By Accident

Michael Cera This Is Boring Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Scott Pilgrim Saying “This Is Boring”

Mercer Kevin Canevari Nae Nae Dance After Duke Win

Kevin Canevari Dances Following Victory Over Duke

Dog Jump Rope

Dog Jumping Rope

Exercise Ball Jump Onto Treadmill Fail

Jump Onto Treadmill With Exercise Ball Fail

Buzz Lightyear Sad Strange Little Man

“You Are a Sad, Strange Little Man” (Toy Story)

Bradd Pitt Drink Aproves

Brad Pitt Raises Drink in Approval

Baby Tastes Lemon

Baby Makes Sour Face After Tasting Lemon

George Costanza Eating Popcorn on Couch Seinfeld

George Costanza Eating Popcorn on Couch

Guitar Swing Off Stage

Guitar Swing Off Stage

Ricky Gervais Putting Head Back and Laughing

Ricky Gervais Puts Head Back in Laughter

Cat Pulls Hand Back Inside

Cat Pulls Hand Back Inside

Odair Fortes Accidental Header Goal

Odair Fortes Accidental Goal Off of Head

Shocked William Shatner Star Trek

Shocked Captain Kirk (Star Trek)

Box Hits Corner of Screen While Michael Talking The Office

DVD Cube Hits Corner of TV (The Office)

Why Does it Say Paper Jam Office Space

“Why Does It Say Paper Jam…” (Office Space)

Excited Kid Drinks Through Spongebob Straw

Kid Drinks Through SpongeBob Straw and Gets Excited

Twins Mascot TC Bear Catches Ball in Mouth

Minnesota Twins Mascot Catches Ball in Mouth

Cat Chasing Tape Measure Around Bucket

Cat Chases Tape Measure Around Bucket

Chief Wiggum Flips Steak Homer Eats It

Homer Simpson Eats Steak Out of the Air

Arsenio Hall Eddie Murphy Shocked Look

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall Shocked Look

Sloth Eating Lettuce

Sloth Eating Lettuce

Cat in Bag Scares Dog

Cat Hiding in Bag Scares Dog

Chris Schauble Shocked Reaction to LA Earthquake

Chris Schauble Shocked Reaction to Earthquake

Larry David Sticks Out Head Dinner Party

Larry David Sticks Head Out to Listen During Dinner Party

Newspaper Blows Into Dogs Face

Newspaper Blows Into Dog’s Face

Dug I Have Just Met You and I Love You Up

Dug Saying “I Have Just Met You, and I Love You” (Up)

Walter White Because I Say So Breaking Bad

Walter White Saying “Because I Say So?” (Breaking Bad)

Dog Skateboarding in Park

Dog Riding a Skateboard

Andy Dwyer Saying Great Idea

Andy Dwyer Saying “Great Idea!” (Parks and Recreation)

Cat Pulls Down Newspaper

Cat Pulls Down Newspaper

Hedgehog Running on Wheel Fall

Hedgehog Running on Wheel Fail

I would Like to do that please Tracy Jordan 30 Rock

Tracy Jordan Saying “I Would Like To Do That, Please”

Magneto Evil Laugh X Men

Magneto Evil Laugh (X-Men: First Class)

Simba Nala Confused Look Lion King

Simba & Nala Confused Look

Cristiano Ronaldo Free Kick Chelsea Miami

Cristiano Ronaldo Scores on Free Kick vs. Chelsea FC

Frank Underwood Saying Welcom Back House of Cards S2 E1

Francis Underwood Saying “Welcome Back”

Kid Dunk Fail

Toddler Dunk Fail

Kevin Spacey Turn Around During Emmys

Kevin Spacey Turns Around and Looks at Camera

Golf Chip Pass to Driver Trick Shot

Golf Assist Trick Shot

Barack Obama Smiles Bites Lip Between Two Ferns

Barack Obama Smiles and Bites Lip (Between Two Ferns)

George Costanza Squirts Ketchup at Table Seinfeld

George Costanza Squirts Out Ketchup By Accident

Oscar Selfie Bradley Cooper Ellen Jennifer Lawrence 2014

Celebrities Take “Selfie” at 2014 Oscars

Demi Lovato Smile

Demi Lovato Smile

Baby Laughing Hard and Falls Over

Baby Laughing and Falling Over

Skiing Dog

Dog Follows Skier Down Jump

Abbi Jacobson Dancing Broad City

Abbi Dancing (Broad City)

Dirt Bike Into Camera Fail

Man Drives Dirt Bike Into Camera

Penguin Jumps Off Diving Board

Penguin Jumps Off Diving Board

Stephen Colbert Takes Off Glasses and Shakes Head

Stephen Colbert Shakes Head and Takes Off Glasses

Optimus Prime vs Dinobot Transformers Age of Extinction

Optimus Prime Knocks Down Dinobot (Transformers)

Taylor Swift Laughing Covering Face

Taylor Swift Laughing

Chair Pull Prank

Chair Pull Prank

Cats Sleeping Wake up at Same Time

Sleeping Cats Wake Up at the Same Time

James Harden Chandler Parsons Handshake

James Harden and Chandler Parsons Handshake (NBA)

CM Punk Laughing to Himself

CM Punk Laughing to Himself

Robert Downey Jr. Wink

Robert Downey Jr. Wink