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Student Wakes Up Clapping During Class

Sleeping Student Wakes Up Clapping

Child Hits Ball Back at David Ortiz Groin

Child Hits Ball Back at David Ortiz

Benedict Cumberbatch Drinking Flask Go Away 2015 Oscars

Benedict Cumberbatch Saying “Go Away” While Drinking Flask

Icicle Chip Fail

Icicle Break Off of Roof Fail

Emma Stone Chin on Hands Smile

Emma Stone Chin on Hands Smile

Robert Downey Jr Survive

Kirk Lazarus Saying “Survive” (Tropic Thunder)

Chris Farley Oh God Theyre Gonna Know Im Dumb Conan Interview

Chris Farley Saying “Oh God They’re Gonna Know I’m Dumb”

Paul Oakenfold Hands Out Stare

Paul Oakenfold Pleads on Stage

Hedgehog Bath

Hedgehog Bath

Charlie Kelly Dancing Side to Side

Charlie Kelly Dancing (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Dirtbike Across Pool

Dirt Bike Ride Across Pool

Dog and Girl Falling Asleep on Couch

Girl and Dog Fall Asleep on a Couch

Leopard Jumping onto Top Bunk

Leopard Jumps On Top of Bed

Girl Jump Into Inflatable Pool Fail

Girl Jumping Into Inflatable Pool Fail

Seth Meyers Amy Poehler High Five Weekend Update SNL

Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler High Five (SNL)

Cat Rolls In A Ball

Cat Rolls Into a Ball

christian bale face awards ceremony

Christian Bale Smiles at Awards Show

Barney How I Met Your Mother Self Five

Barney Stinson Gives a “Self Five” (How I Met Your Mother)

Breaking Bad Walter White Wink

Walter White Winks (Breaking Bad)

Wheres My Mac and Cheese Liz Lemon 30 Rock

Liz Lemon Yelling “Where’s My Mac and Cheese!”

Bike Front Flip Ramp

Bike Front Flip Off Ramp

Frisbee Around Wall Win

Frisbee Throw Around Wall

Dog Arm Wrestling Man

Dog Arm Wrestling Man

Jon Stewart Crying at Laptop

Jon Stewart Crying at Laptop

Nervous Kid Looks Down

Nervous Kid Looks Down

Batista Waving Goodbye

Batista Waving Goodbye

Do or Do Not Yoda Star Wars

Yoda Saying “Do or Do Not. There is No Try” (Star Wars)

Alan Saying Thank You Hangover

Alan Saying “Thank You” (The Hangover)

Malfoy I Didnt Know You Could Read Harry Potter

Draco Malfoy Saying “I Didn’t Know You Could Read”

Cat Chasing Fish on Frozen Pond

Cat Chasing Fish on Frozen Pond

Zach LaVine Space Jam Dunk 2015 Dunk Contest

Zach LaVine “Space Jam Dunk” at 2015 Dunk Contest

Mulan Pouring Tea

Mulan Pouring Tea With Shocked Look

Chickens Break Up Rabbits

Chickens Break Up Rabbits Fighting

Despicable Me Minion Saying What

Minion Saying “Whaaat?” (Despicable Me)

Anchorman Milk Was a Bad Choice

Ron Burgundy Saying “Milk Was a Bad Choice” (Anchorman)

Britta Perry Community Confused Look

Britta Perry Gives a Confused Look (Community)

Puppies Playing with Mother 7wk

Puppies Playing With Their Mother

Emmett Brown Great Scott Back to the Future

Emmett Brown Yelling “Great Scott!”

Hamster Eating Corn

Hamster Eating Corn

Good Day Sir Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka Yells “Good Day Sir!”

Frisbee Jump Throw Into Hoop

Frisbee Jump Throw Into Basketball Hoop

Dolphins Throw Ball to Each Other

Dolphins Throw Ball to Each Other

Dinosaur Prank Guy on Bench

Dinosaur Scare Prank

Johnny Depp Straw Drink Fail

Johnny Depp Tries To Drink Out of Straw

Little Mermaid Cry Into Hands

The Little Mermaid Cries Into Hands

Britney Spears Cringe Face

Britney Spears Cringe Face

Mike Amor Hit With Skateboard in Head

Journalist Mike Amor Hit With Skateboard in Head

Cat Falling Asleep

Cat Tries to Stay Awake

Hanging on Punching Bag Fall

Kid Hangs on Punching Bag and Falls Down

Zach Galifianakis My God Due Date

“Your Personality Needs Some Work. My God.” (Due Date)

Bicycle Flip Off of Exercise Ball

Bicycle Flip Off of Exercise Ball

Leslie Knope Saying What Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope Saying “What?” (Parks and Recreation)

Kid Shoots Bald Head With Nerf Darts

Kid Shoots Bald Head With Nerf Darts

Spider Toy Scares Kid

Toy Spider Scares Kid

Bunny Attacks Goat

Bunny Jumps on Goat’s Head

Sad Russell Crowe Looks Out Window

Inspector Javert Looks Out of Window

Collie Rolls Down Stairs on Skateboard

Dog Rolls Down Stairs on a Skateboard

Tom Dancing With Phone

Tom Dancing With Telephone (Tom & Jerry)

Homer Pretending to Chew

Homer Simpson Pretending to Chew

Running Treadmill Fail

Running Onto Treadmill Fail

Toaster Scares Cat Off Stool

Toaster Frightens Cat

Backwards Shot Win off Fence

Backwards Shot Goes In After Hitting Fence

Kristen Wiig Says Thank You Anchorman 2

Kristen Wiig Saying “Thank You” (Anchorman 2)

Jump Kick Fail

Jump Kick Fail

Jerry Seinfeld George Costanza Look at Eachother Say No

Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza Say “No”

Jon Stewart Eating Popcorn

Jon Stewart Eating Popcorn

Coincidence I Think Not The Incredibles

Bernie Kropp Saying “Coincidence…I Think Not!”

Golf Shot Off Hill Fall Fail

Man Falls Down Hill After Golf Shot

Bunny Runs Up Wall

Bunny Runs Up Wall

Doing Donuts in Tractor

Tractor Doing Donuts in the Mud

Baby Groot Dancing Guardians of the Galaxy

Baby Groot Dancing (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Dog Scared of Fish

Dog Gets Scared By Fish

Elf Presses Buttons on Elevator

Buddy Presses Buttons In Elevator (Elf)

Dog pushing dogs on skateboard

Dog Pushing Two Other Dogs on Skateboard

Confused Stephen Colbert

Confused Stephen Colbert

The Grinch Creepy Smile

The Grinch Smiles

Emma Stone Laughing

Emma Stone Laughing

Dive Through Hoop Prank

Dive Through Hoop Prank

Penguin Falls Over Rock

Penguin Falls Over Rock

Coach Leaves Game Kicks and Falls

Soccer Coach Leaves Field and Falls Kicking Ball

Wombat Riding Turtle

Wombat Riding Turtle

Iron Man I Think I Did Okay

Iron Man Saying “I Think I Did Okay”

Dr Evil Laughing

Dr. Evil Laughing

Michael Jordan Free Throw Dunk Contest

Michael Jordan Free Throw Line Dunk

Jordan Belfort Fake Laugh The Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort Fake Laugh (The Wolf of Wall Street)

Mike Head Shake Breaking Bad

Mike Ehrmantraut Shaking His Head (Breaking Bad)

Sad Genie Alladin

Sad Genie (Alladin)

Cat Falls Asleep Drinking Water in Glass

Cat Falls Asleep In Glass of Water

Barack Obama Laughing Not Really Maybe Its Classified

Barack Obama Laughing and Saying “Not Really…”

Wayne No Laughing Waynes World

Wayne Laughing and Saying “No” (Wayne’s World)

Dwight Looks at Watch Leaves

Dwight Schrute Looks at Watch and Leaves (The Office)

Roberto Carlos Brazil France Goal

Roberto Carlos Scores Bending Free Kick Goal

Because We Smart Parks and Recreation

April Ludgate Saying “Because We Smart”

Sophie Turner Smile

Sophie Turner Smiling

Chris Pratt Thumbs Up

Chris Pratt Gives Thumbs Up

Miguel Herrera Pumps Fists and Screams

Miguel Herrera Pumps Fists in Excitement

Kirk Nieuwenhuis Mets Videobomb

Kirk Nieuwenhuis Videobombs Jeremy Hefner

Doc Holliday Not Me Im In My Prime

Doc Holliday Saying “Not Me, I’m In My Prime”

Ralph Wiggum Smiles Rolls Down Hill

Ralph Wiggum Smiles and Rolls Down Hill

Bill Murray So I Got That Going For Me Cady Shack

Carl Spackler Saying “So I Got That Going For Me…”