Category: Funny

Cat Staredown

A cat stares into the camera while hiding behind a bed.

Harlem Shake Dance

A man pours milk over his head in a parody video for the song Harlem Shake. Video.

Koala Wink

A koala bear winks with his right eye as he eats some eucalyptus. Source.

Girl Falls Off Horse

A girl attempts to sit on a horse, but it ducks its head and drops her to the ground. Video.

Snowboard Jump Fail

A snowboarder attempts a ‘backside rodeo’ on a jump but fails to land it. Video.

Rockets Mascot Throws Cake at Fan’s Face

Houston Rockets mascot ‘Clutch‘ throws a cake in the face of a fan (most likely a Rockets employee) wearing a Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers jersey during the Rockets 125-112 victory over the Lakers.