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The Roxbury Guys Dance in Car (SNL)

The Roxbury Guys (Chris Kattan & Will Ferrell) move their heads to the side and dance in a car with SNL host Jim Carrey also dancing in the back seat during an episode of Saturday Night Live.

Elf Door Spin

Buddy (Will Ferrell) spins around a rotating door in an office building during a scene from the 2003 film Elf.

“Yes! That Is Awesome!” (Old School)

Pepper (Seann William Scott) yells “yes, that is awesome” to Frank Ricard (Will Ferrell) after he accidentally shoots a tranquilizer dart into his neck during a scene from the 2003 film Old School.

Elf Excitement

Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell) jumps up and down in excitement during a scene from the 2003 film “Elf“.

Anchorman Jump in the Air

Ron Burgundy and the rest of the news station jumps in the air during a scene from the 2004 film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.