Tagged: Anger

Ricky Rubio Leaves Court in Frustration

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio leaves the court frustrated after not receiving a foul call on a last second shot during a 120-117 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Upset Panda

A man dressed up in a panda suit throws office supplies off of a desk.

Stephon Marbury Angry Stare

Phoenix Suns guard Stephon Marbury stares angrily after the Washington Wizards take the lead following a 2 point field goal by Michael Jordan.

How Rude!

Stephanie Tanner (Jody Sweetin) saying ‘how rude!’ during an episode of Full House.

Boo This Man! Boooo!

During a scene from Half Baked, a recovering drug addict gets up to yell at Thurgood Jenkins (Dave Chappelle) at an addiction meeting.

Ray J Stare

Ray J stares during an episode of VH1’s ‘For the Love of Ray J‘