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DeAndre Jordan Windmill Dunk

Los Angeles Clippers forward DeAndre Jordan receives a pass from Clippers guard Chris Paul and finishes with a windmill dunk. Video.

Basketball Pass to Coach Fail

A basketball player accidentally passes the ball to his coach who is out of bounds, who then passes it to another player who hits the shot.

Kobe Bryant Blocks LeBron James During 2013 ASG

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant blocks Miami Heat forward LeBron James in the fourth quarter of the Western Conference’s 143-138 victory over the Eastern Conference in the 2013 NBA All-Star Game.

Kevin Durant Deflects Pass & Hits Fan

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant deflects a pass from Phoenix Suns forward Luis Scola which hits a fan in the front row in the head during a 97-69 win over the Suns.

Trampoline Over A Van Dunk

A member of the Hungary Acrobatic Sport team jumps off of a trampoline over a van and dunks a basketball. Video.