Tagged: Fail

Nick Young Celebrates Before Shot Goes In

Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young turns around and puts his hands in the air before realizing the shot he took did not go in during a 127-96 win over the New York Knicks. Video.

Guitar Swing Off Stage

A member of a band attempts to swing a guitar around him but ends up throwing it behind him off stage.

Toddler Dunk Fail

A father tosses his son a small ball and the boy attempts to dunk on a miniature basketball hoop but falls to the ground.

Chair Pull Prank

A boy pulls the chair out on a friend who knows it will happen and then does the same to his laughing friend who doesn’t expect the same to happen to him and falls.

Missed Hockey Check Fail

A hockey player attempts to check an opponent, but hits the glass hard when the opponent quickly moves out of the way.

Ice Break Fail

A man tries to break off a piece of ice with his foot but falls down as the ice collapses.

Gate Jump Fail

A man attempts to jump over a blockade but falls to the ground.