Category: Funny

Dinosaur Scare Prank

Someone dressed up as a Tyrannosaurus Rex walks up and frightens a man looking at his phone on a bench.

Toy Spider Scares Kid

A kid steps on a button and a toy spider jumps out at him which frightens the boy as he falls down.

Jump Kick Fail

A man tries to kick the height of his friend’s hand but misses and falls on the ground.

Dive Through Hoop Prank

A swimmer pretends like he is going to jump through a hoop his friend is holding and then pushes him into the pool as he approaches.

Dog Stares at Camera During a Press Conference

A dog sitting on the lap of WWE wrestler Brie Bella (Brianna Danielson) stares into the camera during a press conference with WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan (Brian Danielson) about an alleged robbery attempt.