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Barack Obama Supporters Celebrating

Barack Obama supporters shouting ‘four more years’ at Obama Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois after CNN projects Obama as winner of the 2012 US Presidential election.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Laughing

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan laughing while taking a photo with the Republican National Convention staff. Source.

Mitt Romney Head Nod

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney nods his head during the Southern Republican Presidential Debate. Source.

Man Bear Hugs Barack Obama

Pizza shop owner Scott Van Duzer shows his excitement after meeting United States President Barack Obama by hugging him and lifting him in the air. Story | Video.

Kal Penn and Joe Biden Fist Bump

Kal Penn gives Vice President Joe Biden a fist bump with sunglasses on during a video shown at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Barack Obama Dance

President Barack Obama dances during an event as he joked around with a few people.